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About Us

Facilitator of cannabis business

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Colombian Growers Solutions is formed by a group of professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of business and industry, including security experts, infrastructure, legislation and business formation. As well as performance in areas such as marketing, communication, training and development of synergies based on strategic alliances.

We establish direct relationships with manufacturers and suppliers through a range of services, products and technology solutions in order to meet the needs of our customers.

We work mainly on identifying promising opportunities within the industry developing legal Cannabis and offer individuals and entities who are interested in joining the cannabis market in Colombia.



Legal / Essentially Legal

With our network of contacts
will make your business a reality


Cultivate land

We have an extensive portfolio of land available for planting cannabis, some equipped with its own infrastructure and other with the necessary features to make the farming process is carried out step by step, ensuring the proper growth of the plant.


Scientific investigation

In Colombian Growers Solutions we want to be part of the change, so we have a network of professionals dedicated to R&D in the cannabis world, which are responsible for the exhaustive research of the products and services developed for the pharmaceutical industry.



We work with professionals in the field of sustainable development and ecological, based on principles of cost savings. They also are responsible for providing viability of possible projects with state and governmental entities. We cover issues of social inclusion and corporate responsibility, at the same time we are committed to the integration processes that occur due to the current situation of Colombian society.


National and International Investors

We have a network of national and international contacts interested in Investment Development, these actors are supported by our network, which has a presence on two continents.
We help investors in achieving legal procedures, financial and relevant operational in order to ensure compliance with investment operations and / or acquisition.


E-commerce Grow Shop

We have accessibility to trademarks dedicated to online sales of organic materials for planting and its derivatives in the production chain. We also have ability to distribute accessories and other articles for smokers throughout the country and internationally.


Distribution and logistics

We work with professionals in the field of distribution and logistics to be responsible for taking control of an organized distribution, meeting all legal requirements.


Management software

Move to the era of digitalization. We have all the tools necessary for your business to grow step by step, we design logos, web pages and business management systems as well as offer an advisory service in Networks and Communities.



Horticulture is the science that involves technology and business related to the production of vegetables for consumption, further including floriculture, olericulture and fruticulture in aromatic and medicinal species. We have an extensive know-how in the field of horticulture and all its variants for the development of orchards in enclosed spaces.